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Debiasing Education

In her video, Colette Van Laar delves into the topic of de-biasing education to reduce gendered choices. Recognizing the significance of individual freedom in decision-making, independent of societal expectations and gender roles, she emphasizes the urgent need to dismantle gendered cues and structures that perpetuate biases within educational systems.

Representation in Media and Arts

Bali Faith Maeneche, member of the RE-WIRING project, underscores the influential role of the media in either reinforcing or challenging gender disparities. The objective is to collaborate with the media and its practitioners to reshape harmful narratives that perpetuate gender inequality, recognizing it as a crucial institution in promoting gender diversity and advancement.

A system of inequalities

Khamsavath Chanthavysouk from UN Women discusses the challenge of understanding and addressing a system of inequalities. He recognizes the complexity of comprehending how various systems of inequality intersect and uncovering the deeper structures of inequalities through both quantitative and qualitative data. Furthermore, he emphasizes the importance of translating the knowledge and data generated by the project into actionable programs and policies to effectively address these inequalities.

Discrimination, inequality, and migration

Virginija Langbakk, the former Director of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE), emphasizes the project’s potential to provide valuable information to the European Parliament and Commission, specifically in addressing discrimination, inequality, and migration-related issues. Langbakk highlights the practical aspects of the project, such as education and representation, with the aim of making marginalized groups more visible and promoting institutional change. 

Crises that disproportionately affect women

Julie Fraser. Assistant Professor at Utrecht University. The WP-6 Crisis aims to tackle various crises that disproportionately affect women and their communities. Fraser emphasizes that these issues all have significant environmental impacts and will only intensify in the future. The project’s goal is to explore and counter the negative effects of these crises on women, making women’s voices heard and promoting their position in society.

Interdisciplinary methodology

Sylwia Mrozowska is an associate professor at the Institute of Political Science at the University of Gdansk and the manager of research and development projects. RE-WIRING project recognizes the unique challenges faced by women and girls in health, climate change, and education, and Mrozowska emphasizes the importance of an interdisciplinary methodology combining perspectives from psychology, sociology, law, and political science. The project plans to input recommendations to institutions with the power to influence practice after conducting research.

Gender Gaps in Employment and Enterprise

Panos Kapotas (University of Portsmouth) discusses the challenges in addressing gender gaps in employment and enterprise. Kapotas highlights the importance of developing effective policies and practices that will bring about social transformation towards a more gender-equal society. The project aims to provide practical solutions that can help bridge the existing gender gaps in employment and enterprise.

Gendered Power Hierarchies and their Taxonomy

The development of a taxonomy capturing dimensions of gendered power hierarchies serves as a foundational step. Download this taxonomy and know more about the groundwork for the operational concept of TEA and a research methodology template.

Toolkit – Better Practices Addressing Women’s Representation in the Workplace

RE-WIRING Gender, Identity and Positionality: A Transnational and Transcultural Reading of Takou Ben Mohamed’s Graphic Narratives

Author – Lanslots, Inge
Lirias Type – Abstract/Presentation/Poster-Description -HUMANITIES AND INCLUSION A 3 I UNIVERSITY NETWORK PROJECT (Interregional Internationalisation Initiative) LILLE – 12-13 OCTOBER 2023
Humanities and Inclusion – A 3 I University Network Project, Date: 2023/10/12 – 2023/10/13, Location: Université de Lille – Faculté des Humanités