About the Project

Unmasking Gendered Power Hierarchies: Unveiling Root Causes in European countries and beyond

Through transformative research, RE-WIRING seeks to rewire institutions to prevent and reverse gender inequalities, catalyse change processes, and actively involve diverse stakeholders in the research process. This approach generates socially robust knowledge necessary for sustainable and enduring transitions towards a more inclusive and equal society.

Our approach

Breaking free from conventional equality approaches, the RE-WIRING project pioneers a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to drive effective transformation and women’s empowerment. Developed within the esteemed Gender and Diversity Hub at Utrecht University, our novel three-dimensional framework recognizes the critical importance of addressing institutional, experiential, and symbolical dimensions simultaneously. 

Work Package Structure


Transformative Theory and Methodology

Laws & Policies

Enhancing Women’s Voice, Agency and Decision-making Power


Comparative and Sectoral Perspectives


Engagement and innovative solutions

Project coordination, dissemination & Ethics