Beyond ‘Fixing Women’: A Systematic Review of Transformative Strategies for Women’s Workplace Representation

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The 7th International Conference on Gender Research (ICGR) took place in Barcelona on 25-26 April. ICGR is an event which brings likeminded researchers together from across the world to share their research and discuss the issues closest to gender research.

Dr. Devran Gulel, representing the Horizon Europe RE-WIRING Project, presented a comprehensive review titled “Beyond ‘Fixing Women’: A Systematic Review of Transformative Strategies for Women’s Workplace Representation.”

The RE-WIRING Project challenges conventional approaches to addressing gender inequality. Gulel’s presentation delved into the project’s unique perspective, advocating for a fundamental overhaul of existing institutional frameworks. The aim is to catalyze intrinsic change across all sectors of society.

Highlighting the inadequacy of current strategies, Gulel emphasized the need for transformative practices in organizational interventions. The paper showcased a systematic literature review encompassing 574 studies across eight databases. Through meticulous screening, the research team identified and excluded 277 studies that failed to meet inclusion criteria.

Contrary to prevalent paradigms focusing solely on “fixing women,” the RE-WIRING Project explores interventions that redefine workplace culture. By amplifying women’s representation through transformative approaches, the project endeavors to instigate profound and sustainable change.

The presentation at ICGR underscores the RE-WIRING Project’s commitment to reshaping societal norms and fostering genuine gender equality. This research paves the way for innovative strategies aimed at empowering women in the workplace, transcending traditional limitations.

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