Stakeholder Meeting Reveals Critical Barriers for Women in Politics

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In a stakeholder meeting held on June 5, 2024, the findings of the Country Report were presented to an audience of key Polish stakeholders. The attendees accepted the findings, offering a range of comments and feedback aimed at addressing the issues highlighted in the report.

One of the primary supplementary comments centered on the significant barriers women face in accessing political campaign finance. It was noted that the distribution of funds largely depends on the discretion of district leaders. Furthermore, many women are reluctant to invest their own money into their political campaigns, feeling that such investments detract from their family resources.

Another major point of discussion was the confirmed lack of detailed and regular data in national statistics, particularly concerning household time budgets and instances of violence. There is an acknowledged risk of data manipulation; for instance, women in managerial roles are often categorized as self-employed, allowing employers to bypass standard employment contracts. This shift places the burden of social benefits on the self-employed rather than the employer.

The meeting also delved into issues of gender in the digital environment and the overlooked intersectional dimensions of violence. Additionally, stakeholders discussed the challenges associated with implementing the Women on Boards Directive, emphasizing the need for effective strategies to enhance gender equality in corporate governance.

Overall, the meeting highlighted several critical areas requiring attention and reform to improve the political and social landscape for women. Stakeholders are now tasked with addressing these issues to foster a more equitable environment for women in all sectors.

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